According to Grand View Research, the international dental equipment market is expected to rise from $6.081 billion (U.S.) recorded in 2013 to stand at $8.45 billion by 2020. The aging population has contributed to the skyrocketing cases of age-related dental disorders, which is driving this growth in the dental industry. Experts also note that the ignorance of oral hygiene and unhealthy lifestyle choices are also leading to the rise in dental surgeries.

The W.H.O (World Health Organization) acknowledges that between 60% and 90% of all the children and approximately 100% of adults globally have cavities. The organization has started international programs aimed at promoting better oral hygiene and oral disease prevention, resulting in a growing number of therapeutic and dental diagnostic devices.

The spike in the demand for anaesthetic procedures has led to a surge in the cosmetic sector. There is an increase in dental tourism, as patients visit different countries to go through procedures that are either unavailable or too costly at home. This growth has also led to the increased demand for advanced and sophisticated equipment as well. The parts and systems represented the biggest product sector in dental equipment, in 2013’s market, it accounted for $2.206 billion. High usage rates aided by the rising procedure volumes are what drives the dental sector.

In the cosmetic industry, driven by the rising demand and the high usage, lasers are projected to increase at a compound yearly growth rate of more than 8.2% from 2013 to 2020. Their precision and accuracy in procedures such as enamel decay removal without affecting bone tissue and gum will boost the rates of usage. Additionally, when compared to high-speed drills, laser procedures have lower chances of fractures and hairline cracks. Lasers by preventing swelling and bleeding encourage patient compliance. Another advantage of laser treatment is that they do not need high doses of local anesthesia, this promotes patient comfort and faster recovery.

The surge in oral health issues and their subsequent demand for dental procedures in the North American region has driven it to claim a considerable market share in the year 2013. The market in Europe followed the same trend due to its demand for the oral health-related product and the increased patient awareness, the spending total was 2.156 billion in 2013. The Asia-Pacific region witnessed an 18.2% growth in 2013. The growth is expected to rise further thanks to the big patient pool with high, unmet demand. Innovative techniques and instruments will drive the market’s growth, in addition to favorable state initiatives that likely will lead to an amicable business environment and a better healthcare infrastructure.

In the United States, the local dental firms have grown and expanded nationwide. Good businesses in O’ Fallon Missouri offer a wide range of general dentistry services. Some services include:

• Comprehensive exams 

• Advanced oral cancer screenings

• Gum/ periodontal disease treatment

• Mouth guards

• Cold sore treatment

• Root canal therapy

• Digital x-rays

• Wisdom teeth removal

• Intra oral camera

In cosmetic dentistry section, the following services are offered:

• Take home whitening 

• Lumineers

• Invisalign 

• Natural teeth-colored fillings

• Crowns

• Zoom in-office tooth whitening.

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